Solving Environmental problems in Mould Enterprises

    In recent years, the mould industry in Taizhou has developed rapidly, but some problems such as the decline of orders, the brain drain and the number of small and scattered enterprises are becoming more and more prominent. At the same time, environmental protection has become a common concern for mould enterprises. On October 24, the Taizhou Mold Industry Association held a forum to join hands with the Taizhou Environmental Protection Bureau and the Huangyan District Environmental Protection Bureau. Taizhou mold enterprises how to implement environmental protection work, "pulse inquiry."

      It is understood that Taizhou has more than 2000 mold enterprises to produce automobiles, household appliances, plastics, stamping and other mold-based. Last year's annual output value reached 20 billion yuan, accounting for about 10 percent of the country, sales reached 11.5 billion yuan, the export value of the country's mold industry accounted for 1/9.

      With the increasing demands of the country on ecological environment, mould enterprises frequently expose some environmental problems. What's behind this? It is understood that with the promotion of environmental protection work, most mold industry business owners attach great importance to environmental protection issues, and some enterprises have even invested more than one or two million yuan in environmental protection facilities. However, due to the lack of comprehensive understanding of the laws and regulations and related knowledge of environmental protection, most enterprises do not have full-time environmental protection personnel, resulting in many enterprises in the implementation of environmental protection standards have deviated or taken a detour.

     "We also want to do a good job in environmental protection, but a lot of times we don't know what to do." At the forum, the head of a mold company said the difficulties in environmental protection work.

  At the forum, the participants in the environmental protection department, after learning about the environmental doubts of the business owners and listening to their opinions and suggestions, put forward the sewage treatment and solid waste treatment proposed by the business owners. Difficult problems such as waste oil disposal provide practical solutions.

     At the end of the meeting, the business owners who attended the meeting said that they had benefited a lot. "after hearing this, I did know a lot about the environmental policy. This forum is not only to answer our doubts, but also to help us clear up the misunderstanding, for our enterprises to do a good job in environmental protection in the future is very helpful. " A business owner at the scene said.